About Us

Merit Prep Schools operate under the Touchstone Education school model.  We offer a unique school environment where each child receives personal attention and uses the latest learning technology to advance his or her learning.  The school model includes:

Personalized Learning

Every student has a personalized learning plan with academic and non-academic goals.

Online Curriculum

Every student has a laptop to access online curriculum and tools.

Self-Paced, Mastery-Based Learning

Students progress at their own pace and move forward only when they have demonstrated mastery of content.

Small Group Instruction

Teachers support students in small group instruction where they apply content knowledge and develop critical thinking and writing skills.

Targeted Instruction

Teachers use real-time data to tailor their instruction to student needs.

Open Communication with Families

Families and students receive real-time feedback on student performance.


Students meet daily with an advisor who works with the same group of students through their entire middle or high school experience.

No Excuses Culture

The school has a culture of high expectations, matched with support, intervention and enrichment.


Students will also take health & wellness, music, art & physical education classes.

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