Thank you for your interest in enrolling a student at Merit Prep! For the 2014-2015 school year, Merit Prep is participating the One Newark city-wide enrollment process. You can read more about the system on their website (www.newarkenrolls.org) or the FAQ listed below.

Round 2:

The Round 2 application window closed on June 6th. Newark Public Schools will now process those applications. Students who are matched with Merit Prep will receive a letter and an email from Newark Public Schools in late July. Student’s first day of school is Monday, August 18th, so it is imperative that you respond promptly to register your child at Merit Prep. To help you prepare you can scroll down to view the registration paperwork required.

Round 1:

The families who were matched to Merit Prep in Round 1 are now completing their final registration paperwork. The following documents are required in order for your student to begin school on August 18, 2014.

If you have not been accepted to Merit Prep and are still interested in enrolling, please provide us with your contact information below in the web form. We will be in touch about any opportunities to enroll as new seats become available. LINK TO FORM



This packet was mailed to you or you can download it by clicking here.

o  Merit Prep Registration Form

o  Emergency Contact Info


Proof of residency -- Provide three (3) of the following documents:


***At least one of the documents must be issued within the past 30 days***

o  NJ driver’s license or federal, state or county issued identification card with home address

o  Property deed or Mortgage statement

o  Property tax bill (within 6 months)

o  Current utility bill (water, gas, electric)

o  Voter registration card

o  Lease or notarized statement from Landlord with written proof of student’s residence

o  Financial statement with home address

o  Employment document (pay stub or employment verification letter)

o  Benefit document with home address


Proof of guardianship -- Provide one (1) of the following documents:

o  Original birth certificate with raised seal (hospital birth certificate is not acceptable)

o  Copy of section of court decree awarding custody

o  Copy of most recent federal or state income tax return indicating name of dependent, dependent’s social security number and name of adult claiming as dependent



You can pick up this packet at Merit Prep or download the packet by clicking here.

Please ensure all forms are checked below and signed where needed prior to returning your health packet to the school.

1. ______ Student Health Information and Release

2. ______ Medication Policy

3. ______ Over-the-Counter Medication Permission

4. ______ "Part A" Health History Questionnaire

5. ______ "Part B" Physical Evaluation Form -- Signed by Doctor

6. ______ Immunization Record with all Required grade level immunizations

     You can request the Form A45 from your child’s previous school or provide       

     another immunization record from your doctor’s office.

If the Physical Evaluation Form states that your child has a food allergy, asthma or requires prescription medication, then you are also required to complete the appropriate form below:

7. ______ Food Allergy Action Plan -- Signed by Doctor

Any student with a food allergy is required to have an EpiPen at school (except for mild allergies like milk). The Epi Pen requires a Prescription Medication Administration Request form. The Epi Pen must be provided by the family.

8. ______ Asthma Treatment Plan -- Signed by Doctor

Any student with asthma is required to have an inhaler at school. The inhaler does not require a separate Medication Administration Request form. The inhaler must be provided by the family.

9. ______ Prescription Medication Administration Request -- Signed by Doctor

Please contact Merit Preparatory Charter School of Newark at (973) 642-4400 with any questions.



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