Interview with Kimberly Wright-White - Merit Prep Principal

As we embark on a new school year with an updated school model

that centers the entire school around the needs of each individual 

student we have the privilege of serving (or what the Matchbook 

Learning Model refers to as “student centered learning”), it would be

appropriate to hear directly from Merit Prep’s new School Principal 

who will lead Merit Prep, its teachers and students through this 

exciting time. Meet Kimberly Wright-White


Kim, what most excites you about being the Principal of Merit 


Being selected to lead a school that has a non-traditional approach 

to educating our future world leaders is extremely exciting for me 

because the possibilities are limitless. The ability to be one of 

the architects that shape the future of education is a very special 

opportunity. What we do to impact education today shapes how 

students learn tomorrow. 


What do you hope students will learn and discover about 

themselves as a result of being at Merit Prep? 

I hope that students will learn that they are the agents of change in 

society and that through individual and collective critical thinking, 

solutions to some of our most challenging problems can be found. I 

hope that they discover the power of knowledge and communication 

that engages all affected parties, while respecting varying points of 



What do you hope parents will learn and discover about their 

children as a result of being at Merit Prep? 

I hope that parents will learn and discover that we are providing their 

children with life skills that will impact their decision-making and 

empower them to walk with intellectual fearlessness. 


What do you hope to learn and discover about yourself in this 

next year? 

I hope to learn how to continue to stretch my thinking and embrace 

the next phase of my intellectual and emotional evolution. I also hope 

to discover how to build relationships at our school that will equip me 

to positively facilitate creating a nurturing school community at Merit 

Prep that supports every student who enters our doors.